Kriva ćuprija-Curved Bridge

On the Radobolja River, near to where it joins the Neretva, close to the Old Bridge, stands the Crooked Bridge, a miniature version of The Old Bridge -Stari Most. Built in 1558, eight years prior to the more famous Old Bridge, it is believed to have been built as a trial attempt for the following, more daring, construction. Destroyed in 2001 by the river flooding, it has recently been rebuilt. According to some narrations this small bridge was a prototype for the building of the Old Bridge.

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Additional Info

  • Typology: Bridge with handicrafts shops
  • City Zone and Address: Stari grad – Old town
  • Entrance: Free of charge
  • Working Hours:


  • How to get here: Pedestrian zone
  • Parking: 100 m
  • Recommendations:

    Spring and autumn seasons are recommended

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