About project

The "Adristorical Lands" project aims to endorse a new form of sustainable tourism through the promotion of the remarkable but largely unknown attractions to be found along the Adriatic coast.
Historical villages, walled-in towns, imposing palaces and centuries-old theatres are only some examples of the cultural heritage of the Adriatic coasts that deserve to be discovered and appreciated in full. New forms of tourism are on the rise that open up significant economic and cultural opportunities for the coastal areas of the Adriatic Sea: Adristorical Lands intends to focus specifically on this potential, that will be promoted through the creation of new tourist itineraries celebrating the cultural and natural assets of the Adriatic coast. Relevant sites and products of local excellence will be surveyed and classified. They will then become part of a catalogue to be promoted with tour operators and tourist promotion agencies, also through the creation of an online portal as well as coordinated ad-hoc promotional and communication strategies. The project will also reach out to key institutions and players in the tourist industry in order to increase local knowledge and familiarity with the Adriatic coastal area so as to encourage the tourist promotion of the existing heritage also in smaller sites. Project activities will be accompanied by small-scale "pilot projects" that will contribute to the promotion of tourist services in the selected sites, for example using information panels and interactive media stations.

The project targets the following regions: Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Italian regions on the Adriatic coast. The Adristorical Lands project involves more than 250 sites of excellence on the two shores of the Adriatic sea, joined together in an ideal path that includes the homes of famous artists, historical villages, ancient fortresses and military forts, castles and historical palaces. This ideal tour takes the curious cultural tourist from the Marche region and the homes of celebrated artists – painters, musicians and poets, like Giacomo Leopardi, Raphael and Edgardo Mannucci - to Cervia - the historical settlement where ancient traditions related to the sea and to salt production have been preserved to this day – all the way to the small town of Lezha in Albania - where the itinerary ends – that was home in the distant past to Queen Teuta and King Gent, the owners of the legendary Liburnian vessels that sailed the Mediterranean waters in ancient times. The stronghold of Civitella del Tronto, the northern bulwark of the kingdom of Naples until 1861; the walled towns of Veneto, an extremely assorted mix that share a common millennial history; the stronghold of Palmanova, built by theRepublic of Venice in 1593 to defend its oriental borders, conceived in the peculiar shape of a perfectly symmetrical 9-point star, are ideal destinations for travelers interested in history and the glories of the past. Other outstanding sites include Ravenna and its magnificent mosaics; the small towns of the Venetian lagoon - like Chioggia, where the so-called "bragozzi" or typical brightly colored boats, are still docked at the port; Sicciole and the Salt Works, where to learn about those who lived and worked in this important local industry; and the ancient homes of fishermen on the island of Hvar. If you want to experience European history first-hand and to plunge into a world of yore amidst lively traditional costumes, if you want to leave behind the hectic pace of life in the 21st century and to embrace the rhythm of the sun and the seasons, the Adristorical Lands project and its sites of excellence will provide a unique opportunity to experience the art, the traditions and the culture of a distant past.